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Thank you

So many times, comments from visitors have made me cry. Made me feel like it’s all worthwhile, and that life is just wonderful. You give me hope. You give me faith in the world. Thank you to “CJ’s mommy,” whose … Continue reading

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Meet the brave and amazing Ava.

I’d like to introduce you to Ava. For Ava and her family, tube feeding is a precious gift. I wanted to share her story with you all to show the other, positive side of tube feeding, and to try to … Continue reading

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Takeaways from Dr. Susan Barry’s Web Interview (School Crossings: How the System Lets Down Children with Vision Problems)

First off, I have to admit that I entered the web meeting eight to nine minutes late. This will be the opposite of shocking to anyone who knows me. I was infuriated! I’d been anticipating this thing to a pathetic … Continue reading

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If you have a daughter, you’ll understand

Scares the living crap out of me: Fashion bras for four-year-olds. With defined cups. And no straps. (Video from Jessica Gottlieb.) Gives me such hope: Chelsea Baker, a 13-year old Little League 65-mph pitcher. With a freaking knuckle ball. And … Continue reading

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Hooray for Heath, his mom, and inspiring tube weaning success!

Remember Zander? Well he’s got company. (The tube-free ranks are growing.) Sadly, I kept putting off this post because the hugeness of the triumph deserves a truly well written, heartfelt description. Which takes time and energy that I’ve been lacking, … Continue reading

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Confident Mom Interview #4: Roller derby mama Erin Clark

How about a little dose of “bad ass”? I had the pleasure of meeting Erin Clark during my time as a copywriter at an ad agency. Erin managed a couple of the accounts I worked on. At that time, she … Continue reading

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Three cheers for Zander! Oh yeah, AND HIS MOM.

Today isn’t just another Tuesday. It’s a very important day. Today, February 9, 2010, is the day Alexander (Zander or Zandy to those who love him) left his G tube behind. For good! I can’t tell you how huge this … Continue reading

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Confident mom interview #2: Jennifer of Sweet Futility

I’d like to introduce you to my cousin Jennifer. There are a few things you should know about her. First off, she’s really, really smart. Or as they say in Massachusetts, where she lives and where I’m from, “wicked smaht.” … Continue reading

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Confident Mom Interview #1: Meet Suzanne, the Fearless Formula Feeder

When I was forced to give up breastfeeding for the health of my baby, I was heartbroken and plunged into an even deeper and darker postpartum depression. It seemed like a no-win situation: I was failing, and my baby was … Continue reading

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Meet fearless Frankie and her parents

Update: In March of 2010, her parents announced that Frankie discovered the joy of eating and left tube-feeding behind for good! I’d like to introduce you to Francesca and her devoted parents.  Their extremely touching and wonderfully written blog, Frankly … Continue reading

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