Here you can find links to each entry in my Confident Mom Interview Series. I hope you’re as inspired by each woman as I have been. More amazing mamas are always in the queue, so stay tuned!

Confident Mom Interview #1: Meet Suzanne, the Fearless Formula Feeder

“I had the will, the drive, the attitude, the desire, and the support necessary to breastfeed.

And yet, I still ended up formula feeding…”

Confident mom interview #2: Jennifer of Sweet Futility

“…as parents we’re in charge of some things, but ultimately, our kids are going to be who they’re going to be.  And it would be wrong to take that individuality away from them.”

Confident Mom Interview #3: Lenore Skenazy of Free-Range Kids

“The confidence to say no—to predators or bullies—comes from doing things in the real world and feeling pretty good about yourself.”

Confident Mom Interview #4: Roller derby mama Erin Clark

Prior to derby, my hobbies consisted of watching TV and shopping on eBay.  Not very productive, and certainly not healthy or character-building.”

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