Autism as superpower: Ode to the Gretas and Stellas

Ableist people insist that Greta Thunberg is a puppet. If you ask me, after I catch my breath lost from laughing, it's not possible. Not rooted in reality. It's also deeply insulting and misguided to assume a lack of agency in this bright and courageous girl. The doubters haven't the faintest hint of a clue… Continue reading Autism as superpower: Ode to the Gretas and Stellas

I moved 3,000 miles to get stuck. Help?

Earlier this year, I lost my mom. In the wake of that enormous, indescribable loss, I re-evaluated everything. I left my job. A job that was not perfect, but one that I was skilled at performing, that provided a creative outlet and wonderful people to be around, and that I usually enjoyed. We sold our… Continue reading I moved 3,000 miles to get stuck. Help?

Autistic thinking is a creative boon

Just wanted to share an article I wrote for work with inspiration from Stella: "Autism as Advantage: The Case for Neurodiversity in Design." Let me know what you think. Despite the stereotypes and unfair assumptions that abound, many autistic people are flourishing in creative fields from poetry to illustration to film thanks to their adeptness at… Continue reading Autistic thinking is a creative boon

On the madness of the world

I would like to chime in. However briefly and inconsequentially. This blog post will be hastily written but also from the heart. I am terrified and enraged about the actions unfolding from our nation's capitol. Through this blog, I have connected with mothers (and a couple of fathers) from around the world. Australia. Pakistan. England.… Continue reading On the madness of the world

To Parents in the Storm

I don't write about Stella very much anymore. Not because there's nothing inspiring to share, but for fear of crossing boundaries and exposing a person who is all her own. That said, I know that there are still parents around the world reading this blog because their baby or young child is facing challenges with feeding… Continue reading To Parents in the Storm

I am not a poet but

A short, simple poem came to me today. It emerged out of nowhere, after some rainy gardening. It also happened to appear amid ongoing efforts to stay positive despite a barrage of cold news. Stella still faces some challenges but is doing well. She just started second grade (said her first day was "awesome!") and achieved 10/10 in 3D vision testing for… Continue reading I am not a poet but