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More on the risks of NG tubes

A couple of things to share for now: A message I sent in an effort to get support for Stella’s wean, and an AAP study. Below is the actual text of an email, including excerpts from research that I paid … Continue reading

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Taking a stand against tube-feeding crimes and negligence

Someone needs to say it: tube-fed children and their families are being neglected and often outright abused by a dehumanizing, misguided health “care” system. If you don’t believe me, read on. Or at the very least, get a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Proud of my veggie rebel

One of the many reasons to shop at PCC (Natural Markets), besides tons of carefully selected fresh, local organic produce? Their Kid Fruit Program, described on their website as “Free fruit for kids! Kids ages 12 and under can choose … Continue reading

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Stella Enters Single Digits

Stella turned one on Monday. I should probably say something really profound and eloquent and heartfelt but all I keep thinking to myself is “HOLY SHITBALLS!” Over and over and over. Okay, I’ll say that after 12 mind-blowing months, it … Continue reading

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