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Hoo! Boo! And booyah, too!

Stella fell in love with Halloween. She said “Trick or Treat” and “Thank you” and “Happy Halloween” at all the right times. She noted and appreciated everyone else’s costumes, even the less impressive ones. Like the dad whose costume was … Continue reading

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Proud of my veggie rebel

One of the many reasons to shop at PCC (Natural Markets), besides tons of carefully selected fresh, local organic produce? Their Kid Fruit Program, described on their website as “Free fruit for kids! Kids ages 12 and under can choose … Continue reading

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Stella hits the gym

Stella enjoyed her first Gymboree class ever today. By letting her go until 15 months without being enrolled in a “structured program”, I let her become a delinquent, apparently. Well I’m making amends! Not really. Stella’s just incredibly active and … Continue reading

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All is not lost.

How can a mere misplaced item spark such rage? This morning, I could not find: My boots. The ones I wear all the time. Eventually found them in the front closet with the rest of our shoes. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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