These are a few of my favorite quotes

When you walk around all day with a baby strapped to your chest, you attract your fair share of interesting remarks. Here’s a sampling.

A fit-looking woman in her 70’s, power-walking toward us as I carried Stella (she was facing out in a Baby K’tan), drank coffee and toted a full shopping bag, said matter-of-factly, “You are a walking billboard for multi-tasking.”

A woman ahead of us in line at the consignment store (Kid’s on 45th), after remarking on Stella’s “winning smile,” gasped, “She just looks so…. perfect.”

An enthusiastic and delighted mother exclaimed to her young daughter, as they crossed the street in the opposite direction, “Honey, did you see that cute baby? He’s wearing a lady bug hat!”

A red-headed, sloppy drunk dude stopped mid-stumble as Cody, Stella (dressed in pink) and I passed by, and slurred, “Cute little fella ya got thar.”

A talkative, kind, very petite woman in her 80’s, who still volunteers at the school were she taught for decades, after remarking on multiple issues (such as “Kids these days don’t know what a nickel or a dime is–they’ve never even seen actual money! But I suspect that will change what with the economy and all.”) and after noting how “attentive,” “observant” and “chic” Stella is, shook her head with a smile and remarked, “Whatever it is, kid, you got it.” (Indeed.)