Days 16 and 17: Sweet, sweet progress!

Stella, reviewing today's blog post. She's a stickler for accuracy.

Stella, reviewing today's blog post. She's a stickler for accuracy.

Today, Stella had 700 mls, which makes it a great day. It’s all part of her overall upward trend in bottle feeding.

I’m excited report is that Stella is no longer swaddled. At all. She is not swaddled when she sleeps, nor when she eats! This is huge! She seems more able to calm herself, which is an important skill–especially in her case, as not so long ago she would get very agitated at the mere SIGHT of the bottle.

At the suggestion of Marguerite in Graz as well as Stella’s dietician, I just  tried adding a bit of sweet baby food (apple and pear, both of which she has enjoyed in recent weeks) to her bottle, to sweeten the formula and perhaps increase its appeal. Well, she just took all 150 mls of this new concoction! We are flying high right now. The best part is that she drank it all down with one hand in mine, and the other hand resting peacefully on the neck of the bottle. How far she has come! I, on the other hand, was able to sit in bed comfortably while feeding her, totally relaxed. How far I have come from the days of standing, shushing, squatting and stressing! Okay, I still get stressed, but not with the intensity and frequency of previous weeks and months.

Interestingly, Stella has moved on from quaint motorboat noises to raspy monster noises. We take turns growling at each other, and it’s great fun. My throat can’t take much more of it, but judging from her persistance and enthusiasm, she is determined to continue this pattern for days on end.

In other Stella news, flood warnings have been issued in our area as her drool output continues to soar! I am using BLANKETS to sop it up. That’s right, blankets. I think tomorrow I’ll put a bucket under her bouncy seat. It’s really quite impressive.

All in all, Stella continues to amaze us in every way.

Recipe for Sleep

Serves one almost-eight-weeks-old baby.


75-minute PediaSleep hairdryer mp3


Old-school stereo system

One small fan

Vicks warm mist humidifier

Memory foam sleep positioner

Pottery Barn Kids bassinet

Two swaddling blankets

Over-used exercise ball

One warm receiving blanket

Download the 75-minute PediaSleep hairdryer mp3, add it to your iPod, and set it to play on a continuous loop. Connect iPod to archaic stereo, and tinker with volume until it’s just short of “way too loud.” Turn on fan to provide some air circulation in the room. Turn on humidifier to combat drying effect of your home’s forced air heat–be sure to select the lower setting to prevent water from dripping from the ceiling (again).

Set up swaddling blankets, and double-swaddle baby so her arms don’t bust through during the night. This may take (more than) several attempts. Holding baby in a snuggly cradle position at a 42 degree angle, sit on exercise ball and bounce the baby gently until your back feels like it’s on fire. Up to an hour and a half later, once the baby is sound asleep, place her in the bassinet, nestled within the sleep positioner. Do this without waking her (somehow). Place warm receiving blanket over the swaddled baby, and say a prayer.

Sleeping time ranges from five minutes to six hours.