Today was one of those days: Stella’s cuteness just completely overwhelmed me. Even more so than usual. Gave me that tickling sensation in my heart, which I almost can’t stand.

I hugged and kissed her constantly. Touched my forehead and/or nose to hers whenever possible. Frequently and eagerly picked her up and spun her around and around (Stella, after tenth time: “More? More?” while signing “more”; Me: “SURE! I’m glad you asked!”). I sat and stared as she attempted to remove CDs from the stereo, ate delicious and helpfully thick Greek yogurt from an upside-down spoon, and repeatedly put a tennis ball through a cylindrical block.

Admittedly, I was especially enamored when she ate, with gusto, the healthy stir-fry I whipped up (i.e. awkwardly assembled) for dinner. She happily picked out big clusters of kale, onion and chicken. Chomping on leafy greens is so adorable when she does it.  (I hope you see the humor I’m injecting here, lest you gag.)

Then, after the meal, as usual, she started whining incessantly and clinging to me, which made cleaning up (and breathing) difficult. So I gave her some chocolate chips to get her off my case.

It’s all about balance.

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