Stella’s latest material

I’d like to share with you Stella’s first original joke, complete with killer timing thanks to a dramatic pause:

“My favorite color is…  BWIP!”

I’m sure that, like Stella and I, you’re laughing hysterically at this point. Catch your breath before I deliver the punchline.

“BWIP’s not a real color!”

And sometimes she’ll throw in:

“I don’t see any BWIP crayons!”

What I find so wonderful about this, besides the obvious comic genius, is the imagination and creativity involved.

It’s clearly very fun to be two, and to have a daughter who’s two.




  1. Ann Z · November 22, 2010

    Love it!

    Zoe recently started telling a joke. It started about 6 months ago when we drove past a new restaurant called “Drink.” I made some comment and Zoe piped up from the back seat asking what we were talking about. I told her about the new restaurant and she responded, “drink? That’s a silly name for a restaurant, you can’t drink restaurants!” We laughed, and she asked why we were laughing, and we told her she had made a joke. That was perhaps a mistake on our part. Since then, if anyone mentions jokes, she’ll jump in and say, “I have a joke,” **pause for full effect** “You can’t drink restaurants!!” and then she waits for the laughter. It’s all so absurd, I end up laughing, which only reinforces it as a joke for her.

  2. amberhj · December 1, 2010

    That’s actually a good one! Zoe is clever and funny! Same brand of silly humor, I see. Zoe and Stella would totally hit it off.

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