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This isn’t healthy.

I should’ve been asleep an hour ago. Instead of taking care of myself, I spent a bunch of this Friday evening, when Cody and I are supposed to be relaxing and celebrating our wedding anniversary, scouring photos of Stella from … Continue reading

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No acute abnormalities.

This is part of a new segment I’m calling “Eye on Stella: Strabismus Watch 2010.” Sorry. I just thought that was kind of funny. And I’m running with any humor I can find these days. The ER, whose job it … Continue reading

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The road to a tube-free Stella.

At long last, we see GI! Yesterday, after waiting for weeks, we met with Gastroenterology (GI) at Seattle Children’s Hospital. They adjusted and increased Stella’s meds, since reflux still seems to be causing some pain and preventing her from eating … Continue reading

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A memory from our hospital stay

During our stay at Children’s, blood, stool and urine samples were taken and tested for literally dozens and dozens of things. Dr. Lindsay Fox was kind enough to review the findings with us, and she couldn’t help but wonder aloud … Continue reading

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