A memory from our hospital stay

During our stay at Children’s, blood, stool and urine samples were taken and tested for literally dozens and dozens of things. Dr. Lindsay Fox was kind enough to review the findings with us, and she couldn’t help but wonder aloud about one of the results.

With a gentle but quizzical look on her face, Dr. Fox said, “I’m not sure why, and it’s really nothing to worry about at this point, but Stella’s triglycerides are pretty high.”

I was quite surprised and said something like, “Wow, that’s so strange! Why on earth would that be?”

Cody raised his eyebrows at me and asked, “Really? You don’t know why?”

I just stared at him with a perplexed and expectant expression, as he’d obviously figured it out and couldn’t wait to tell me why her triglycerides were high.

“It’s all the bacon you’ve been eating!”

Dr. Fox gave me a sympathetic look. “Well she has to be able to eat something!”

Cody was right. Because I’d been off dairy, I’d turned to bacon for solace. Cody had been frying it up for me in a desperate attempt to get me to eat. (He’d also fry eggs in the bacon fat and try to get me to eat those too.) As I explained previously, anxiety took my appetite away almost completely. Bacon and Kettle Chips were the only foods I could swallow without gagging.

Of course, Stella is now on formula and not breastmilk. I’m guessing her arteries are quite relieved.

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