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All I want for Christmas is an earlier bedtime

Night before last I slept like a baby. A newborn, actually. I was up until midnight, and wide-eyed from about 1:30 to 6 a.m. At which point I drifted into peaceful slumber for 90 minutes. I went to bed late … Continue reading

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Lest ye be judged

Hi all, I’m super tired and have been working (freelance writing) like crazy, during naps and until midnight most nights, and I need sleep and definitely shouldn’t be blogging right now. Just wanted to check in, I suppose. By the … Continue reading

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Nine months

So, Stella has been outside the womb for just about as long as she was in it. This seems like a big milestone to me and my uterus. Stells (that’s not a typo–it’s one of our nicknames for her) celebrated … Continue reading

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Drowning in snot

A coughing baby has to be one of the most heartbreaking sounds in the world–to any parent at least. Stella has coughed so hard, once yesterday and once today, that she threw up a mixture of mostly formula with some … Continue reading

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“Formula was a bad choice…”

Almost drank a glass of formula before bed last night. Instead of grabbing the Brita pitcher, I grabbed Stella’s Dr. Brown’s formula pitcher and started to pour. Luckily, I noticed something was off before I took a big thirsty gulp. … Continue reading

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A taste of spring, a touch of sleep deprivation

Spring sprang for a few hours today. And it was lovely. Stella and I went for a sun-drenched walk, and later, we sat outside on the quilt Mimi made. (If only Stella would put down her Blackberry and live in … Continue reading

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