My other baby

Stella for President

Please nominate "The Life and Times of Stella" in The Bump's Mommy Blog Awards (in the "Best Baby Blog" category)! Yep, it's a long shot. But we could use the $1,000 prize to recoup our losses. Hypoallergenic formula and therapy are expensive, y'all. Thank you for your support. If we win, Stella promises to deliver… Continue reading Stella for President

Sugar Would Not Eat It! (And neither would Stella, for a while.)

I can't decide if this is sick or brilliant but I just bought Stella a gorgeous book about a cat with a feeding aversion. Sort of. The New York Times gave this really interesting, charming children's book a big thumbs up, and the subject matter was just so weirdly perfect that I just had to… Continue reading Sugar Would Not Eat It! (And neither would Stella, for a while.)

Daddy saves the day!

It was a curious morning. Stella was happy as could be. She wanted to eat and took right to the bottle. She started with such gusto! Then, would barely suck at all, doing the short, unenthusiastic sucks we referred to as "fake nursing" back in Stella's breastfeeding days. It made no sense. During her evening… Continue reading Daddy saves the day!