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After weeks of evaluations, we are now in the thick of OT and PT appointments and daily OT and PT work at home, and sensory activities, on top of three types of patching to help fight the double vision Stella … Continue reading

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On my parenting journey, and “Far from the Tree.”

My child is strong and healthy. That said, at just four years of age, she has already taken part in occupational therapy (OT), vision therapy (VT), cranial sacral therapy, and yoga therapy (also called Integrated Movement Therapy or IMT). Her … Continue reading

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Eating lunch (or not) and why I’m packing brussel sprouts

Stella attends preschool across town.  It’s a long, crosstown haul, but obnoxiously scenic. We skim the north end of Lake Union, gazing across the glimmering water at the cityscape, Space Needle, and all the quirky houseboats that the line the … Continue reading

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Perilous Play

Please do not do anything fun or exciting. Don’t you know that the world is scary, and you are incapable of navigating it on your own? The Micromanagement “Make sure both feet are always on the rope,” said one mom. … Continue reading

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New glasses, a new outlook, and a wide open space.

Apologies for my last boring update. I felt obligated to ramble through our ophthalmology appointment. More of a Lord of the Rings style saga than a mere appointment. That said, writing it all out helped me put the many little … Continue reading

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Why, Willoughby-Ohio person?

Will the person in Willoughby, Ohio who just used the search term “toddler pigtails blonde” tell me why you came to my site four times today? Now, please.

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A letter to my team

Dear Celtics, It’s me, Amber. I know you’re a little busy right now. But I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me, because maybe, just maybe the great collective energy from fans watching and listening from everywhere … Continue reading

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Canon bomb

We got a new camera. Stepped up to an SLR. I know it can do amazing things. I just don’t know how to make it do any of those amazing things, as you’ll see. Below is a picture of Stella … Continue reading

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Thwarting an emerging toddler dictatorship

Stella screamed, at the top of her incredibly powerful 16-month-old lungs, several times at Gymboree today. Because she wanted the almighty red-headed puppet Gymbo, but he was a crowd of toddlers away and busy hanging out with someone else. Because … Continue reading

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My other baby

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