The latest trend in bottle feeding.

Wanted to make a quick note about Stella's feeding progress. We only fit in four bottles today (in addition to her two pumped feedings at night) because she napped so much that it put us "behind." The good news is that she took 100+ mls from two bottles. This has been happening more lately, so I thought… Continue reading The latest trend in bottle feeding.

Meet Libby.

Stella's occupational therapist, Robin Glass, has fielded many a teary phone call from me. A great support to Stella and myself, she's talked me through many tube-related worries and emotional upheavals. Knowing that I needed a boost, Robin connected me with a mom whose baby was similar to Stella in many ways. Due to the pain of reflux,… Continue reading Meet Libby.

Hold please.

This was a day when we didn't fall behind, or get ahead. For the most part, we were simply on hold. And that was okay. Stella did have a first, and she was delightful company as usual. Stella's first appointment, with our occupational therapist, was cancelled. I was not disappointed to miss it,  as we've been seeing progress and therefore want to… Continue reading Hold please.

Stella steps it up. Again.

I'm thrilled to report that Stella finished TWO BOTTLES today. And her others were solid performances as well. She had a fantastic day all around. There is still much progress to be made, of course. But Stella seems to be getting her groove back. Day by day. Bottle by bottle. Milliliter by milliliter. It's tough to do, but Cody… Continue reading Stella steps it up. Again.

Simply thick. But thankful.

Stella is currently enjoying a concert by Daddy as I assess the day's progress. Today's bottle feeding went pretty well. Not on the same level as yesterday, but there was a major bright spot: she polished off an entire bottle at her last feeding! A probable explanation for today's dip in overall intake, besides the fact that we… Continue reading Simply thick. But thankful.

Lucky 14?

It's great that my appetite is back. Because I have some words to eat. In my last post, regarding Friday's doctor appointment and weigh-in, I stated, "I’m certain that she won’t have gained the ounce per day that the doctor would prefer to see." Over the two previous weeks, she'd gained ten ounces total, or five ounces a week. So I… Continue reading Lucky 14?

A memory from our hospital stay

During our stay at Children's, blood, stool and urine samples were taken and tested for literally dozens and dozens of things. Dr. Lindsay Fox was kind enough to review the findings with us, and she couldn't help but wonder aloud about one of the results. With a gentle but quizzical look on her face, Dr.… Continue reading A memory from our hospital stay

The plot thickens

Today, we went to Children's for Stella's weekly occupational therapy (OT) appointment. We are lucky to work with one of the best therapists in the country when it comes to infant feeding issues. At her suggestion, we are trying out thickened feedings in the hopes of making swallowing easier for Stella. The therapist explained that a lot… Continue reading The plot thickens

Trials, tubes and tribulations

When Stella began to stop eating, so did I. Not intentionally, mind you. I just couldn't. My appetite had left the building. Anxiety made it impossible to keep food down. I had to use juice, and the mantra "For Stella!", to swallow anything. Besides, with dairy out of the picture, my go-to comfort foods were literally off… Continue reading Trials, tubes and tribulations