A new mantra

Ready to go

Ready to go

Stella continues to eat and grow! Despite the fact that she is teething, she is very friendly with the bottle. I can feel one upper tooth about to pop through. And I notice that she often sticks her finger on that very spot and bites down to ease the pain.Her cheeks are extremely rosy at times. I know that she gets this from her father (he used to complain about his cheeks, but he can’t do that anymore, not after seeing how cute they are on Stella) but I also think it’s due to teething. It’s a cute glow that just adds to her happy aura.

We took her to a party this Saturday, and it was a little overwhelming for Miss Stella! She was very whiny and uncomfortable at first. She’s not used to that much noise and that many people, and she recently started showing stranger anxiety, a developmental phase that usually happens later, around eight months or so I believe. But all in all it was a fun outing. She did fabulously, growing more comfortable as the night went on and chowing down (200 mls!) in her carseat on the way home.

I continue to have small but intense bouts of worry here and there, when she goes for a long stretch without eating or when we offer her the bottle and she’s not hungry. But it’s all normal baby stuff, not a sign of a huge problem. I guess normalcy takes some getting used to. When you’ve been worrying intensely for months, as I have, it’s hard to just let it go. My brain needs some time to re-wire itself. In an attempt to speed this process along, I often repeat a simple mantra in my head, while I’m feeding her, or whenever I feel worry creep up:

“All is well.”

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  1. Grandma Karen · February 2, 2009

    I love this picture and want to copy it, but it’s not on your Flicker sight yet. Stella is adorable! She looks so much older than her 5 1/2 months! The expression on her face is priceless.

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