Fashion visionary, so to speak

Right before Stella began wearing her fabulous French glasses, we purchased this (currently sold out) onesie from Threadless:

The "I Love Fairy Tales" onesie from Threadless

This is the "I Love Fairy Tales" design from Threadless. If you look closely, you'll notice small wings coming out of the bespectacled frog's mouth, and a tiny wand on the ground in front of him. Look even closer you can see the yogurt that Stella had just devoured.

Soon after Stella started patching, I found this beauty at Hanna Andersson (we got the onesie but they make a shirt version, too):

Pirate Girl Onesie from Hanna Andersson

Stella LOVES this thing. She keeps pointing at the skull and crossbones (complete with a pink bow) while saying, "Pirate girl! Wearing heart eye patch!" Which sums it up quite nicely.

Pirate girl onesie

Okay I just had to throw this shot in, too. I just like the pose. She was pretty delighted about her look. The onesie, rain boots, and black leggings totally WORK. On her. I could never pull this off.

Who knew visual challenges would wind up being such huge fashion inspiration? But then again, as I always say, “When life gives you lemons, make them the palette for a zesty, cheerful new wardrobe.”

Note: Even though we bought a Canon SLR, it’s somehow often dead or too far away when impromptu photo opportunities strike. So as you can probably tell, these are all un-fancified iPhone shots–no effects or anything added because I’m way behind the times in that particular area, among others. Ah, well, she’s cute through any lens.


  1. Jenny · September 2, 2010

    AAAAaaaah, she’s so cute. Great fashion directing!! Now, how to turn my lemons into a better wardrobe…

    • Ann Z · September 2, 2010

      Super cute! I hadn’t seen the Hanna Andersson onesie – I love Hanna Andersson, for a lot of reasons, but I think it was a year or so ago, their catalog and website featured lots of kids in glasses, they don’t have any in glasses now, but I still love them for that.

      Mind if I link to this from Little Four Eyes?

      • amberhj · September 2, 2010

        Ann! Funny you mention that. I noticed J.Crew’s kid catalog/site (crewcuts) is featuring glasses (not just sunglasses, but glasses with lenses that aren’t tinted)–you can find the trendy specs by “luxury” brand Selima Optique in crewcuts’ accessories section… Unfortunately, I think they are just vanity glasses… but I wholeheartedly agree that it’s wonderful to see lots of fashionable kids in glasses being featured! And now that I think about it, the idea of a major company offering glasses to kids purely as a fashion statement kind of says a lot about how glasses are viewed today… in a very positive, fashionable light. Here is a link to the glasses, which come in great colors:

        Also, I would be honored if you’d share the link to this post! Thanks!

      • amberhj · September 2, 2010

        Hmm, Ann, the woman who heads up Selima Optique is an optician. So maybe they can be used as prescription glasses? But they only come in one size, which is why I figured they were vanity frames. I may contact crewcuts about this. I’m curious because I really like the frames.

      • Ann Z · September 2, 2010

        Yeah, I was just looking at the site trying to figure out if those frames were meant to hold prescription lenses or not. They’re awfully expensive to just wear for fun. Let me know if you ended finding out anything more about them. They are pretty cute.

    • amberhj · September 2, 2010

      Thanks, Jenny. That said, you have a fabulous wardrobe and impeccable sense of style already! Maybe you can use your lemons in martinis of some sort?

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