Stella’s Easter Basket, with a side of drug-addicted squirrel

Easter preparations, simple fun, squirrel frustration

Easter preparations, simple fun, squirrel frustration

Easter has already been a source of fun! We hung eggs on the magnolia tree out back. Stella really got into the activity, but that was just the start. Each day, we’ve watched squirrels do battle with our cheap Easter ornaments. Comedy gold! Picture a determined, acrobatic squirrel, with that signature manic energy, suspended from a branch by one paw and whacking at a neon orange plastic egg with the other. (Reminded me of outlandish Japanese game shows or American reality shows wherein contestants eagerly undertake ridiculously humiliating and futile physical challenges for some dumb prize.) You’d think he was a weird little monkey on crack! The egg swings back, smacks him in the face causing a loss of balance and total freak-out, jostling the tree like crazy. All the eggs are dancing and flying but that little guy won’t give up and ends up hanging by a toe while frantically nibbling on the egg (no squirrel has succeeded in eating any delicious plastic, of course). During a visit, Stella’s grandmother–my mother-in-law, who has a mischievous side that I find very endearing–put peanut butter on the eggs and that sent the squirrels into overdrive because they actually got something out of it! Stella has laughed so fully and joyfully at these performances, giving my 99-cent purchase a better return than any other investment I’ve ever made–especially Boeing stock. I trust you won’t tell PETA about our enjoyment of squirrel humiliation, but will instead focus on our festive spirit.

For Stella’s first Easter basket and backyard egg hunt, here is what I’m thinking. And I’d LOVE to hear your ideas! Especially if they allow me to somehow mess with squirrels’ heads.

Art supplies like rubber stamps and and ink pad (!).. she would go crazy for this–you should see how patiently she waits for her gymnastics instructor to stamp her feet and hands at the end of class… or paints (we are running low), or those crayons that are shaped like animals and other things.

Candy, carefully selected for quality and whimsy (with no artificial colors or ingredients–sorry, I just won’t have it!)… probably a lollipop, a chocolate bunny, a couple fruit leathers (cut up into shapes and put into a little bag with a bow, maybe?), a limited quantity of jelly beans.

Sheets of stickers… can go right in her basket, and I will probably cut some special individual stickers out from the sheets and put them in the eggs.

Flower seeds… she might really love the idea, and seeing them grow, though I am not sure I can nurture them past a couple inches tall (failed last year!)

A fun new toothbrush… she needs one and seems to really enjoy them so why not?

One or two classic books involving rabbits and whatnot.


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