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The eyes don’t have it.

I’ve always been proud of my perfect vision. I’ve bragged about it openly, and came to appreciate it even more after Stella’s visual challenges revealed the complexity and wonder of human eyesight. “I’m so lucky and blessed,” I thought, darting … Continue reading

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More on the risks of NG tubes

A couple of things to share for now: A message I sent in an effort to get support for Stella’s wean, and an AAP study. Below is the actual text of an email, including excerpts from research that I paid … Continue reading

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Hooray for Heath, his mom, and inspiring tube weaning success!

Remember Zander? Well he’s got company. (The tube-free ranks are growing.) Sadly, I kept putting off this post because the hugeness of the triumph deserves a truly well written, heartfelt description. Which takes time and energy that I’ve been lacking, … Continue reading

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Stella hits the gym

Stella enjoyed her first Gymboree class ever today. By letting her go until 15 months without being enrolled in a “structured program”, I let her become a delinquent, apparently. Well I’m making amends! Not really. Stella’s just incredibly active and … Continue reading

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Boots for standing up in

Babies and toddlers are social magnets. Compliments zing through the air to make their way to you. Strangers swoon in your direction. Silly commentary slides along the sidewalk and lands at your feet. It warms my heart to see people … Continue reading

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Look what Stella can do!

Stella says “Thank you.” Originally uploaded by codatious1 I wanted to share a few of Stella’s latest tricks… She not only uses the more sign (that’s old hat) but she says “more”, with the inflection of a question, while she … Continue reading

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Goodbye, breastfeeding guilt.

I destroyed the structural integrity of my boobs–what little there was–with an expensive, rented hospital grade breast pump in order to collect 500 ounces of milk that Stella would never drink. It sucked in every way. Worse was the guilt … Continue reading

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All is not lost.

How can a mere misplaced item spark such rage? This morning, I could not find: My boots. The ones I wear all the time. Eventually found them in the front closet with the rest of our shoes. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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3 reasons to smile

Stella’s Auntie Corinne (my youngest sister) and Uncle Colin (the duo also known as “C squared”) flew in from Boston for a few days, but now they are gone, and Stella and I are suffering from withdrawal. Just before C … Continue reading

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Three is a magic number

Today is our 3rd anniversary. Cody and I have been married for three years, but together for seven and a half. Though, the last year alone feels more like a decade in some ways. Cody gave me the most thoughtful … Continue reading

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