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Look what the cat granddaughter dragged in!

Hello, blog. How are you? What? Those bags under my eyes? No, ten years haven’t passed. I’m just really tired. Mom tired. Recently-nighttime-potty-trained tired. You get the picture. Not a picture of me until my next haircut, though. I need … Continue reading

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I have the good fortune to be writing copy for a really delightful web-based company whose product is perfect for moms like me. Currently, I’m both collecting and writing inspirational quotes for their use. It’s fun work, and hilarious at … Continue reading

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Two points of view. One big push forward.

In the first chapter of John Gottman’s wonderful book, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, my current daily life is illuminated: “Behavioral psychologists have observed that preschoolers typically demand that their caretakers deal with some kind of need or desire at … Continue reading

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An inevitable dip in the roller-coaster ride

When Stella gets really upset about anything at all, her immediate, go-to move is to tear off her adorable purple glasses with one hand (OUCH!) and throw them, with the force of every ounce of rage she’s got. Though to … Continue reading

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Stella insists she can see with BOTH eyes

Yesterday was sunny and crisp. A Golden Delicious apple of a day. Okay, a frozen one. I’d recently read about how incredibly important and beneficial outdoor time is to kids’ eyesight, and was determined to whisk Stella off to the … Continue reading

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UW pre-optometry students to the rescue!

Stella knows how to use “WHAT!?” for comedic effect. At PCC, the natural grocery store we hit up to three times a day, there are fun sculptures outside. In reference to one of them she exclaimed, “A dog on a … Continue reading

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A little blue

Stella’s glasses are blue, mostly. They are also broken. Actually, she has two pairs and both are destroyed. Again. So we hauled our butts into the optical shop today. Apparently, after breaking them ten or so times, we’ve exhausted their … Continue reading

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A crime of passion. A lesson for us all.

It happened in the glow of our large flat monitor with the two dead pixels, which have long taunted us with their bold red hue. Stella freaked out, both passionately and oddly, flailing her arms around her head and wailing … Continue reading

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Cirque de Okay

My official assessment is that this week’s in-office vision therapy went well. It was interesting, and eye-opening. (Once again I’ve let you down and resorted to puns.) Eye-patched Stella threw a couple blocks in frustration and engaged in impressive evasive … Continue reading

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Broken glasses, stained clothes, and other infuriating non-issues.

The other day during breakfast, I asked Stella to name her favorite animal. She sat there for a minute, with her brow furrowed and finger perched on her lips, obviously in deep thought. Stella then perked up and exclaimed, “MEERKATS!” … Continue reading

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