A little blue

Lafont Tamtam in 220 blue

So long, old 220 blue

Stella’s glasses are blue, mostly. They are also broken. Actually, she has two pairs and both are destroyed. Again.

So we hauled our butts into the optical shop today. Apparently, after breaking them ten or so times, we’ve exhausted their supplier’s inventory of the Lafont Tamtam in 220 blue. To be clear, we used to get the original Tamtam in that hue, then switched to the identical Tamtam 2 in the same shade, a sturdier update. They’re both depleted and being phased out. So I could not order a replacement pair in what has become her signature color.

You know what’s funny? My sadness. My heart broke just a bit when the optician told me it was unavailable. This pang was a tad surprising. Not so long ago, I was teary about her need to wear glasses. Afraid they would obscure her beautiful face. Change her somehow. But at some point between then and now I fell in love those little blue frames. They’ve become a part of her, an essential component of her unique brand of cute. As cheesy as it sounds, those glasses truly hold a special place in my heart. And that explains why, even though they kept breaking, I couldn’t let go.

So I ordered them in blue 315 (which apparently means purple).

Here’s hoping that one of Stella’s New Year’s resolutions is to take better care of her glasses.

Lafont Tamtam in 315 blue

Welcome aboard, 315 "blue"


  1. Jenny · December 22, 2010

    Oh Dear. Well Blue 315 is gorgeous too! It’s impressive that any kid Stella’s age can handle glasses at all — which she has with so much great support (and fashionable spec modeling). Good job guys!!

  2. Ann Z · December 22, 2010

    I know that I will shed a few tears when Zoe outgrows or breaks her blue Ronit Furst frames. I love them so much, so I definitely feel for you and the loss of Stella’s 220 Blue frames. But I do love how the 315 blue looks, and Stella will look great in them. Here’s hoping she’s a bit more gentle on them.

    • amberhj · February 3, 2011

      Ann I meant to tell you that I actually called the company looking to source the ones Zoe had! Didn’t work out but I’d have been thrilled if it did.

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