Days 18, 19 and 20: Stella turns a corner!

I love Christmas. A tree is a must, of course. In fact, a Christmas tree really has to be at least six feet tall for it to feel right to me. I've been collecting ornaments for years and love every one of them. Now that we live in a house, I wanted to decorate the porch with lights so… Continue reading Days 18, 19 and 20: Stella turns a corner!

Days 16 and 17: Sweet, sweet progress!

Today, Stella had 700 mls, which makes it a great day. It's all part of her overall upward trend in bottle feeding. I'm excited report is that Stella is no longer swaddled. At all. She is not swaddled when she sleeps, nor when she eats! This is huge! She seems more able to calm herself, which is… Continue reading Days 16 and 17: Sweet, sweet progress!

Day 15: Ugh.

Today was tough. It's almost 11pm and her tally is 530mls. She is resisting the bottle. She'll act like she wants to eat, latch onto the bottle, then quickly pull away from it, and repeat that sequence several times until we give up. We have to honor her choice when she says, "no." She is… Continue reading Day 15: Ugh.

Day 14: Manic Monday

Stella has been free from the tube for two weeks as of today. Clearly, she's made fantastic progress. Yesterday, she showed us that she can do it. We now believe that it's just a matter of time before that level of intake becomes the norm for her. HOWEVER. Today was a bit of a struggle.… Continue reading Day 14: Manic Monday

Days 12 and 13: A big meltdown. A bigger milestone.

I am an incredibly emotional and sensitive person. After reflecting on this and how it relates to my new role, I said to my own mom, while she was here to offer desperately needed support for almost three weeks when Stella's tube was put in, "Motherhood will either break me, or make me incredibly strong."… Continue reading Days 12 and 13: A big meltdown. A bigger milestone.

Tube-free Stella: Days 9, 10 and 11

Stella is doing well. She is teething, however, which is throwing us all for a drool-covered loop. I can feel the bumps, the beginnings of teeth, in her gums. She cries with a bit more intensity and more often, gnaws on Sophie like she's made of candy, and while she is still her usual energetic… Continue reading Tube-free Stella: Days 9, 10 and 11

Tube-free Stella: Day 8

Stella finished four bottles today! I believe it was her best day, in terms of how much she ate, since the tube came out. I weighed her today and it appears she's lost three ounces since Friday, and weight loss isn't something a new mom likes to see, but I am truly not worried. Her… Continue reading Tube-free Stella: Day 8

Tube-free Stella: Days 6 and 7

Weaning continues to go well! It's hard to believe that the tube has been gone for one week. Though I must say, we've quickly gotten used to life without it--even our old nemesis, worry, is fading a bit each day. We look at pictures of her with the tube and marvel at what we've all… Continue reading Tube-free Stella: Days 6 and 7

Tube-free Stella: Days 4 and 5

Stella's appointment with her pediatrician went well yesterday. She weighed in at 14 pounds, 13 ounces. He said that she looks good and will see her in a week. He is optimistic and doesn't even think she will lose any weight. Still, I confess that I have been worried. Stella has eaten "only" about 5… Continue reading Tube-free Stella: Days 4 and 5

The tube is out. I repeat: The tube is OUT.

And we are leaving it out. This weekend, I sent Stella's pediatrician and occupational therapist an email outlining my concerns about the tube and research to back up those concerns. Today, they agreed to a tube-free "trial." Her doctor said two to three weeks without the tube would be "low risk" given how healthy she… Continue reading The tube is out. I repeat: The tube is OUT.