The tube is out. I repeat: The tube is OUT.

And we are leaving it out.

This weekend, I sent Stella’s pediatrician and occupational therapist an email outlining my concerns about the tube and research to back up those concerns. Today, they agreed to a tube-free “trial.” Her doctor said two to three weeks without the tube would be “low risk” given how healthy she is.

We will meet with her occupational therapist tomorrow, and see her pediatrician on Friday. I have been in contact with the Austrian feeding clinic, wired them the registration fee, and they will offer weaning guidance via email as well.

I’d intended on leaving the tube in tonight, and taking it out in the morning. But she yanked it most of the way out tonight, so we went with it. And let me tell you… her tube-free face was a sight for sore, exhausted eyes.

The plan is really quite simple. Feed Stella when she is hungry. When she TELLS me she’s hungry (with her whining). Give her no more than she wants to take. Don’t panic if she doesn’t take much. Wait for her to tell me she’s hungry again, whenever that is, and repeat.

Stella, the feeding reigns are in your precious little hands. Show ’em what you got.

4 thoughts on “The tube is out. I repeat: The tube is OUT.”

  1. Wonderful! You have our all our support and belief. Your strength and determination are wonderful.

    Hello Stella…

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