Tube-free Stella: Days 6 and 7

Weaning continues to go well! It’s hard to believe that the tube has been gone for one week. Though I must say, we’ve quickly gotten used to life without it–even our old nemesis, worry, is fading a bit each day. We look at pictures of her with the tube and marvel at what we’ve all been through.

Stella is very vocal these days. Her hunger cues are becoming more clear, and somehow, more adorable. The main cue is a soft, high-pitched whimpering with a furrowed brow. Though, sometimes it’s loud, disgruntled yelling and angry, crunched eyebrows. I guess it depends on how hungry and/or tired she is.

Today, she polished off two bottles and was sucking on the empty nipple! Her other feedings went well overall. Sometimes she still shows a little resistance, but usually only when she’s tired. In those cases, we offer it to her, she refuses, so we put the bottle down, play or just hang out until she offers more cues, then offer the bottle again. At most of her feedings, she takes right to the bottle. And we were surprised, a couple of times, by how soon she wanted to eat again following a feeding. We see it as a very good sign!

She has been sleeping through the night, for a good nine to ten hours. Actually, she’s been doing this for a while. But now, without the tube, we don’t have to wake up every three hours to load up the pump. We get to enjoy it! My brain is slowly settling down, allowing me to fall asleep a bit easier. The wisdom and support I’ve been receiving from Robin and Marguerite has made a huge difference in terms of my ability to minimize and deal with worry about Stella’s intake. I had my first acupuncture treatment ever today, and I’m hoping that will also help calm my nerves and restore my body’s reserves–it’s still a bit depleted from feeding anxiety and childbirth.

Stella is thriving. She is a joy to be around. We just feel so incredibly lucky. I suppose this whole ordeal has somehow helped us appreciate her all the more.

One comment

  1. Seth · January 13, 2009

    First of all, I’m really happy to hear that Stella and you all are continuing to do well in a tube-free world. That’s just awesome.

    Second of all, NINE or TEN hours?! Holy crap! Enjoy it, but try not to rub it in 🙂

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