Baby steps

The first bottle feeding of the day is always the worst. We’ve learned to lower our expectations for that one. Yesterday, she completely refused. Didn’t take a drop. In the days preceding, she took around 20 mls (out of 115).

Well… today, she took 100 mls from her first bottle! Then, as I held her up in a celebratory moment, a bunch of the 100 mls cascaded back out onto my Natick (hometown) sweatshirt. Such are the ups and downs of this journey. They come in such quick succession. It’s nauseating!

Regardless of the upchuck, I see it as a good sign. I don’t think that the regurgitation caused her much pain, though she did furrow her brow afterward, as if concerned or confused. So I’m hoping that, overall, it was a positive eating experience and a baby step in the right direction.

Today, Stella’s doctor recommended that we take her to Children’s for an ultrasound, to help rule out an obstruction in her GI tract, which could be impacting her reflux. Any type of non-invasive investigation into what could be affecting Stella is a great idea! He’s sending the referral today, and I am to call Children’s tomorrow to schedule the ultrasound.


  1. cmckenzie · December 9, 2008

    I love and miss you guys! Thank you so much for sharing the journey and setting up the blog, you guys are amazing!

  2. Robyn · December 10, 2008

    Awww… Maybe Stella is rejecting the Redmen name? 🙂 A culturally sensitive baby if nothing else!

    Your blog is wonderfully written. I’m so sad that Stella’s time so far has been stressful, but it sounds like you are all handling it like troopers. Keep up the good work!

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