Stella Hungry.

Diaper or fashion statement?

Diaper or fashion statement?

Stella took a little more than 34 ounces (1,030 mls) of 24-calorie-per-ounce formula today. The high end of normal for this age is 32 ounces of 20-calorie-per-ounce breast milk or formula. She’s been eating like this for a few days. Holy moly.

We stopped giving her Prevacid. She is now only taking Zantac. Yay for less drugs in my baby’s system! We also greatly reduced the amount of baby food we put in her bottles as the amount of prunes we were putting in before may’ve had a laxative effect. Oy.

Her legs are too long for all her pants. Onesies have to be stretched to fit her. She may not be a chubbabutt–that’s not who she is or how she’s built–but she is getting long! The girl is growing… I can barely keep up! And we’re going through Cheerios like nobody’s business.

She may double in size by week’s end. Stay tuned.

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