Our vision therapy experience so far… on littlefoureyes.com

Just a note to say that if you are interested in how our first two weeks of vision therapy have gone, you can get the details over at littlefoureyes.com. I just wrote a post about how we wound up doing vision therapy at such a young age (24 months old), and the benefits and challenges seen so far.

In short, office visits go well, but I’m having immense difficultly getting any home-based vision therapy accomplished. They tell me this is normal for her age, and that as with the glasses and patch it simply takes time to get into an accepted routine, but it’s absolutely maddening. In desperation, I spent $60 today on toys that mimic the activities we do at the vision therapy office. Should’ve just put the money in a blender and commanded her try to reassemble the bills. Would’ve had the same level of success.

As usual I’m trying to stay positive. I know I can be more creative in figuring out new “eye games”–without breaking the bank. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll have her (with her patch on, of course) send toothpicks through the holes in our strainer! Any bets on how long that activity will last? If I can keep it going for one minute, I’ll consider it an enormous victory. Meanwhile her fancy wooden Click Clack Tree is a gorgeous living room accent and conversation piece, when she’s not putting the ladybug balls directly in the landing spot at the bottom. Why bother watching them cascade (with excellent eye tracking, like the kid below) when you can cut to the chase? Honestly, though, she does like this toy and the small colorful blocks I bought for her to stack, and I’m still holding out hope that she’ll get some real use of out them. I scatter the ladybug balls through out the room and challenge her to find a specific color, and put it in the ramp, one at a time. She just doesn’t quite want to follow my specific instructions. Go figure!

To be continued…

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