Meet Libby.

Stella’s occupational therapist, Robin Glass, has fielded many a teary phone call from me. A great support to Stella and myself, she’s talked me through many tube-related worries and emotional upheavals. Knowing that I needed a boost, Robin connected me with a mom whose baby was similar to Stella in many ways. Due to the pain of reflux, this baby refused to eat, was hospitalized at Children’s, and had a tube–but not for long.

The baby’s name is Libby Norton. I called her mom, Trish, a couple weeks ago, on a day when I felt pretty scared and helpless. Trish was warm and wonderful as she candidly shared her story. She spoke about all the emotions she experienced as Libby “learned to eat.” Honestly, it was as if she had set up camp inside my head and was reading my mental diary aloud. It was so comforting to know that I wasn’t alone.

You can read Libby’s story at Libby left the tube behind over a year ago. In fact, she is now a big sister to Sarah, who is fantastic eater–phew! Click here to read posts from that triumphant time.

Every time I get down, I remember that Libby pulled through. In her own time, Stella will, too.

3 thoughts on “Meet Libby.”

  1. I am facing the same situation as you. My baby is on an ng tube at four months of life. He was born 28 weeks and as of today, he barely takes 20cc on a bottle. Have you had any progress with your baby?

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