A brighter day.

Stella, sunshine and sculptures, oh my!

Stella, sunshine and sculptures, oh my!

Okay. So we’re 99% sure that Stella’s change in eating habits is due to the pain of teething. I heard from Robin today and she reminded me that it will take months for us to really relax and not worry so much about how she eats. Stella is just fine. We are expecting a tooth to make an appearance any day now–perhaps we’ll see it tomorrow, on her 6-month birthday! She’ll eat more when she is ready. I have faith in her. We’re doing better.

Let’s just say that I’m so glad yesterday is yesterday. I’d started to freak out about Stella’s fussiness around eating–BIG TIME. With my dear friend Kari, I caught an excellent and poignant, but exceedingly depressing independent film, WENDY AND LUCY.  Picked the wrong day to see that one. Then, on the way out of the theater, I was berated within an inch of my life by a belligerent, drunk homeless woman! She assaulted me a barrage of mindblowingly crude insults, some of them tailored to what she’d overheard me saying about the movie, laced with the worst expletives you can imagine for five solid minutes (while we walked down the block and then as we waited for the light to change so we could cross) . On the drive home, I was involved with a scary near-miss (or as George Carlin would’ve more accurately dubbed it, a “near-hit”) with a distracted driver from Ohio, apparently. A few blocks later, I almost hit a pedestrian at the huge intersection at Denny and Boren–I hit the gas when the light turned green, when suddenly I saw a pedestrian right in front of me. I couldn’t help but wonder if my negative energy was attracting all this nonsense. It motivated me to think more positively. Before bed, I paged through Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. And slowly but surely, I have begun to feel just a little bit better. I expect that trend to continue.

Squinty Squinterson

Squinty Squinterson

We took a stroll through the Olympic Sculpture Park today. Stella loved it. The sun was very bright, causing her to squint like crazy, so we had to bust out her sweet, hand-me-down (thanks Julia!) pink shades for the first time. I couldn’t help but be surprised when, after we popped them on her cute face, everyone in the park didn’t stop in their tracks, with jaws open, and form a line to admire her adorableness. In my eyes, nothing in the park–none of the art, not the sunny weather, nor the views of the water and mountains–compared to the brightness of Stella. I was reminded of how to simply be happy. Thanks, Stella.

Beachy keen (on the shore at the Olympic Sculpture Park)

Beachy keen (on the shore at the Olympic Sculpture Park)

One comment

  1. Mimi · February 18, 2009

    Stella is just beautiful – and those shades are too cute. She also looks like she is enjoying life!

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