Tube-free Stella: Day 2

Can’t sleep so I thought I’d write a quick update. Weaning seems to be going well. Stella is happy and eating pretty often. As is expected over the course of her complete transition from the tube to the bottle, her volume will increase over time. I am struggling to let go of my obsession with counting every milliliter she takes, despite strong encouragement from several camps to do so. While I’m still working on that, I am successfully ignoring the clock, so that’s a good step. My job is to watch for Stella’s hunger cues and feed her when she wants to eat. And I’m embracing this role! She is in charge of her intake, as she should be.

I consider it a great sign that on several occasions, she’ll whine due to hunger. Then I’ll show her the bottle, and she’ll stop whining and even smile. If I put the bottle out of sight, the whining begins again. The girl totally gets that food is good stuff. She is coming around.

Today, I learned the secret to rolling success for Stella: let her be naked for a while after a diaper change. As soon as the clothes come off, the rolling begins. It’s amazing! She has completely mastered back-to-belly rolling but is still working on belly-to-back rolling. She is close–just figuring out what to do with her arms (as am I half the time). Adding a touch of suspense is the ever-present possibility that she could poop or pee all over the place at any moment. Cody and I find this all incredibly entertaining. Who needs TV when you’ve got Stella?

I talked to Stella’s occupational therapist on the phone today and it was very affirming! Based on my account of Stella’s first day and a half without the tube, she confirmed my feeling that things were going well and addressed the minor worries and questions that lingered in my mind. Tomorrow, we’ll see Dr. Devorah for another session of Cranial Osteopathy. On Friday, we’ll visit her pediatrician. Other than that, we’re taking our walks, rolling around, reading books, listening to music, playing and enjoying our days free from the hassles, worries and snag-potential of the tube!

Speaking of our walks, I had the growing suspicion that Stella was becoming “The Tube Baby of Wallingford,” an adorable but medicalized mascot for this Seattle neighborhood. We enjoy a stroll or two every day, with Stella facing out in the Baby Bjorn and taking in the world around her, and along the way we see a lot of the same neighbors, clerks, walkers, joggers and baristas. Many seem taken with Stella and I had the feeling that she received some extra looks from some curious people because of the tube. It felt so good to visit our usual shops and see that people share in our excitement about the tube being gone.

We remain very optimistic. Focused on the mission at hand, but having fun, too. 

Thanks for following her progress. It means a lot to us. Stay tuned.


  1. Dave and Peg · January 8, 2009

    YEAH for all three of you!!

    Dave and Peg

  2. Kelley · January 8, 2009

    So great to hear that the tube is out and she is doing well.


  3. Seth · January 8, 2009

    That’s all great news. We are really happy to hear that things are going well. I hope that Stella’s new rolling tricks don’t interfere too much with sleep.

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